Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Simulation and Training

SkyKnight is a comprehensive PC-based simulation and training system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Bringing together over 20 years of military simulation and visualization experience, SkyKnight provides the most efficient and realistic training for payload and aerial system operators.

SkyKnight delivers value in multiple ways:

Unmatched Photorealistic UAV Simulation. Combining multiple technologies and proprietary algorithms, SkyKnight delivers the most realistic sensor simulation on the market. This includes highly accurate geospatial terrain representations, physics-based sensor simulation, atmospheric effects, thermal imaging and dynamic light, shadows, and terrain. The result of these superior visualization capabilities is a positive training environment that maximizes operator readiness by dynamically simulating real conditions in combat scenes. For example, SkyKnight does all the following, and more: simulates visibility challenges due to atmospheric conditions (fog, haze, clouds, thunderstorms); dynamically modifies conditions to reflect day/night changes and shadow and sun positions.

Comprehensive Sensor Support. SkyKnight lets you select one of the supplied suite of sensors during setup and then adjusts its views to the type of sensor you select. If needed, SkyKnight can be enhanced to support specific sensor/payload.

Any Geographical Environment. SkyKnight is supplied with built-in urban and rural geographical options. These geographical databases can be replaced or customized with another environment based on your specific needs. Tiltan's TView Image Generation engine supports the rapid generation of photorealistic visual and sensor scenes of real-world locations in virtually unlimited size.

Complete Training Solution. A multi-profile environment enables the integrated training of multiple users, including instructor, mission commander and operator. Instructors can conduct real-time monitoring, modify mission scenarios during training, provide feedback and perform after action review (AAR).

Stand Alone or Embedded in GCS. In addition to functioning as a stand alone training environment, SkyKnight can be embedded within Ground Control Stations (GCS). This enables training operators to operate as they would on a mission, using their actual controls and displays, yet using the video simulation data.

SkyKnight Key Features

  • Complete instructor and trainee UAV training environment
  • Photorealistic payload visualization, independent of aerial platform
  • Precise representation of multiple sensors
  • Dynamic IR imaging based on real environment conditions
  • Comprehensive weather and atmospheric effects (wind, haze, fog, clouds, rain)
  • Special effects (smoke, fire, explosions, dust) and moving objects
  • COTS-based hardware
  • Standards-based solution (STANAG 4586, SCORM)