Mission Readiness System

T-MRS objective is to significantly improve mission Planning, Learning and Rehearsal processes and capabilities of operational units.

T-MRS Solution - TMRS is a virtual computerized environment based on COTS (commercial-of-the-shelf) desktops or laptops that enable operational users to plan learn and rehearse real missions or train on operational scenarios and protocols at different echelons such as:

Team level
Unit level
Unit level with other supporting units or resources

Learning and Planning Module

Mission Rehearsal Module

  • Learn the geospatial features of the mission and plan through performing full terrain and culture analysis, interior analysis and even underground analysis.
  • Incorporate and display maps, orthophto and stereoscopic images.
  • Incorporate and display vector layers such as GIS and other operational and intelligence layers.
  • Incorporate and display full geo-tagged intelligence data such as ground images and much more.
  • Position sensors, weapons and other resources and analyze their coverage.
  • Plan and learn the navigation routes.
  • Stand Alone Mode – individual rehearsal of a team member. For example sniper, helicopter pilot or sensor operator.
  • Team/Unit Mode – Rehearsal of missions or training of units and their supporting forces or resources. This mode is managed and controlled by an integrated instruction environment.
  • Display of high resolution 3D terrain & culture Interior and underground modeling
  • Simulation of Date and Time
  • Simulation of weather and atmospheric conditions
  • First Person Shooter (FPS) simulation including personal and unit level weapons, sensors and other devices
  • Simulation of supporting units and resources such as UAV, Helicopters, ground vehicles, maritime vessels and more.
  • Scenario generator including Computer generated forces (CGF) simulation (Blue, Red, Green)
  • Simulation of C2 Systems or connectivity to external C2 and other operational systems
  • Integrated: Communication , 3D Sound and Speech

T-MRS Advantages

  • Instructional and Operational
    • Create a simulated 3D environment similar to the real mission terrain, based on real intelligence.
    • Actively experience the mission in a simulated surrounding similar to the real operational terrain.
    • Debrief and recreate the mission in various situations while testing the Unit/Trainee reaction.
    • Intuitive system - operation, management and maintenance
    • Create diverse and unlimited enemy and civilian behavior scenarios
  • Safety - Use a simulation of any weapon while maintaining 100% safety
  • Budget
    • No training ammunition is required.
    • No logistics is required.
  • Systems is based on standard PC or Laptops
  • Scalable system enable adding instructor and trainee stations