About Tiltan

Tiltan Software Engineering is a leading provider of mapping and visualization solutions for 3D visual simulation and training applications. With more than 20 years of visualization experience, our solutions are used daily by organizations in the defense, homeland security, power distribution and energy industries. Our clients include US, European, and Asian armies, governments and defense contractors; the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) air force, navy and army; Australian electricity networks and more.

Comprehensive Advanced Visualization and Mapping Solutions

Tiltan stands out in its ability to deliver complete, end-to-end visualization solutions – all the way from automatic geo-mapping of terrains, through 3D photorealistic image generation, to comprehensive training systems for instructors and trainees. This A-to-Z offering approach ensures that we cover all our customers' needs, eliminating the need to struggle with supplying complex mapping data, as is required by most visualization vendors.

From the technological standpoint, Tiltan excels at handling complex visualization systems, which require the coverage of large, highly-detailed geographical areas. Our powerful 3D Image generator supports the rendering of large terrains, such as dense urban areas, while providing the most accurate, detailed and close-to-life visualization. Tiltan was among the first to introduce HD capabilities into visualization solutions and our dynamic IR sensor, developed in-house, provides unmatched simulated realism.

At Tiltan we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction through built-in software flexibility and a high degree of customer responsiveness – to ensure that your visualization solution always meets your exact requirements.

Built for Success

Founded in 1991, Tiltan is headquartered in Israel. We partner with leading integrators, extending our reach and providing maximum value to our customers. Our highly experienced management team has extensive simulation, training and software development expertise, with field-proven experience in military operational training and integrating advanced technological systems into military and civilian organizations.