Image Generating Systems

Tiltan's Image Generation provides an all-in-one software/hardware solution for simulation systems requiring real-time, out-the-window, sensor photorealistic display. We offer the highest quality of 3D photorealistic, visual systems, as well as the efficient and rapid generation of those systems from raw materials. Our image generation technology has been integrated into a range of simulators worldwide, including jet aircraft, helicopter, navy, armored vehicle and infantry simulators.

TView, Tiltan's powerful 3D image generation product, is at the core of our solution, enabling the efficient rendering of large and detailed terrains, highly-accurate simulation of geospatial environments and operational effects, generation of atmospheric settings and hundreds of moving objects, animations and effects.

With its easy interface, our Image Generation solution can be connected to any host simulation system with minimal effort. It supports an unlimited number of display channels and offers efficient multi-channel synchronization capabilities, efficiently creating a seamless, synchronized visual image that can be projected on both flat and dome displays.

Tiltan's Image Generation solution is also ideal for organizations looking for an efficient upgrade path for old simulators which are difficult to maintain. We provide an easy and rapid integration into existing systems, and commercial PC hardware with low power requirements and with no need for special cooling systems.

Image Generation Key Features

  • Efficient modeling of large detailed terrains
  • Highly realistic sensor presentation
  • Atmospheric conditions simulation
  • Detailed object animations including aircrafts, missiles, ground/maritime vehicles, humans and animals
  • Multi-channel synchronization
  • Compact, energy-efficient, COTS hardware