TView 3D Image Generator for Simulation and C4I Applications

TView is a powerful 3D image generator that enables real-time, photorealistic rendering of real world environments. Suitable for any other visual simulation application that requires detailed, high-end environment presentation, TView generates 3D photorealistic, sensor-based visual scenes of real-world locations with greater realism than any other solution available on the market.

Running on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) PCs, and available as a runtime software solution or as an SDK, TView lets you rapidly and cost-effectively generate visual databases for high-quality 3D simulation applications.

As a powerful 3D image generator, TView delivers outstanding value in multiple ways:

Support for Any Terrain, Any Size. TView's powerful rendering engine can handle large physical environments requiring large, high-resolution databases. TView enables rendering of dense urban areas with geo-specific buildings and large numbers of moving objects as well as other environments such as jungles, deserts or oceans.

Highly Realistic Sensor Presentation. TView's highly accurate, physics-based sensor simulation accurately renders the geospatial environment, material physics and operational effects – generating visuals and actions as close to life as possible. A dynamic Infrared (IR) sensor takes into account multiple parameters (such as material type, topographic information, sun position, time of operation, explosion and fire effects, meteorological data and more) to render a lifelike simulation of objects, with changes based on environmental conditions.

Finely-Tuned Atmospheric Conditions. TView lets you generate a wide range of atmospheric settings with granulated control over the exact conditions. This includes wind, haze and fog (set in logarithmic scale), clouds (3D volumetric and self-shaded), precipitation (rain, hail and snow), thunderstorms, sun (with full position control), moon (with 15-minute intervals), stars and horizon.

Any Effect. Any Animation. TView supports hundreds of moving objects, including aircraft, missiles, ground vehicles, humans and animals. DRI (detection, recognition and identification) for objects at long ranges is enhanced through a textured billboard, enabling accurate representation even when object geometry is too small to see. Realistic human animation is enabled through motion-capture support and secondary animations.

Maximum Flexibility. TView is highly customizable, so you can easily tailor your visual solution to fit your needs – today and tomorrow. Leverage your existing visual data with TView's support of multiple databases (Tiltan, CDB, OpenFlight). Easily add or modify sensors without any code modifications using an advanced sensor calibration tool.

TView Key Features


  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) sensor with blooming, halo and automatic gain control effects. Full moon and stars simulation, including real-time moon shadow
  • Infrared sensor providing dynamic simulation of objects based on environmental conditions
  • High polygon capacity (up to up to 666,700 polygons at 60 Hz)
  • Update rates from 15 to 120 Hz and refresh rates from 60-72 Hz
  • Any geographical environment – dense urban areas, interiors, desserts, jungles, oceans


  • Wind
  • Fog
  • Clouds (3D layered)
  • Precipitation (rain, hail, snow)
  • Sun and moon – based on date and time of day
  • Stars
  • Shadows – dynamic shadows based on time of day, date and geographic location
  • Horizon


  • Moving objects – aircrafts, missiles, ground vehicles
  • Special effects – smoke, dust, illumination flare, explosions, smoke plumes, target damage indication, weapon effects, missile launch
  • Textured billboard for detection of small objects at long ranges
  • Blending of secondary and primary animation
  • Motion capture support
  • Dynamic lighting of the terrain and 3D objects
  • Multiple lighting effects
  • Mission functions 2D vectors, including: symbols, bitmap icons and type presented over the terrain
  • Video projection - sensor video embedded in the computer generated 3D display

Query Server


  • High rate geographical query support
  • Line of site and coverage queries
  • Material and object type queries
  • Standard host interfaces - DIS, HLA, CIGI
  • Support for 5.1 sound, synchronized with IG effects
  • API
  • Multi-channel support
  • Sensor calibration tool