Visual Database Generation Suite

Tiltan's Database Generation Suite (DBGS) enables users to build a visual database for a wide variety of applications such as simulators, command & control systems, and gaming. The DBGS also allows users of a Tiltan mapping and visualization systems to modify and enhance their visual databases independently and effectively.

The Tiltan Database Generation Suite consists of a comprehensive set of tools accompanied by proven methodology and training. Together, these allow users to independently build and maintain rich visual databases from scratch, using a large variety of raw visual material, such as imagery, elevation data, vector data, 3D models and 3rd party databases. The DBGS includes automatic and rule-based construction features, which accelerate building the database.

Based on an accumulated experience of several decades, Tiltan's DBGS provides a comprehensive infrastructure that enables rendering detailed views of real world environments with greater realism than any other solution available on the market.

Database Generation Suite
Key Features

Inputs - support for a wide variety of commercial file formats for orthophoto, elevation, vector files and 3D models

Image Handling Tools for converting, editing and manipulating digital terrain models and orthophoto files, performing edge matching, color balancing and more

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) tools enabling manipulation and editing of multiple resolution files, leveling roads and enhancing ground features for superior visualization

Model Library tools for generating sophisticated custom models such as vehicles, people, animals etc. with intricate behavior. Each model can have multiple articulated parts

Vector-Based Model Planting Tools which enable automatic integration of existing vector-based models into the visual database, based on pre-defined parameters such as GIS location. This is particularly useful for large terrains with pre-defined geo-specific data such as utilities, roads, signs etc.

Output Options: 3D TView database, export to OpenFlight and/or CDB, output to CGF and IOS systems, Direct.X and Flt models